About Bodhissara


"The 10 Most Impressive Airbnb Listings in Chiang Mai". http://www.authenticwanderer.com/, The Authentic Wanderer, Published June 1, 2016.

"This villa is the ultimate in luxury and we saved the best for last. Bodhissara Estates can accommodate up to 16 people, but they will only ever book it for one group – so it can be an ultra decadent escape for you and your partner. There’s a full staff to take care of your every need while you’re staying there, making it extremely relaxing." read more...

"The 7 most stylish places to stay and eat in Chiang Mai, Thailand". http://www.scmp.com/, The South China Morning Post, Published July 19, 2016.

"As we pull up to the main entrance, after a short drive along the tree-lined gravel road passing undulating green hills and ponds, attentive staff emerge from an archway. “Welcome to Bodhissara Estate!” they greet us, conveying a genuine warmth rarely witnessed even at the best five-star hotels. Amenities include a pool, pool table, fully equipped gym, tennis court, karaoke and a skateboard ramp."

"The architectural style is best described as British countryside townhouse mixed with a traditional Lanna cottage. The reason Bodhissara makes my top three is the staff. It is truly a five-star estate with a six-star team. It costs US$3,300 for a four-day, three-night package for four people." read more...